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Random stories regarding my life is written here. Didn't give any benefit if you read it but in case you already did,thank you. Oh,just call me Iman. Hi.

15/11 Result Semester
19/11 My Birthday
04/12 Register for 2nd Semester


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Hello. It's been a long time since the last time I post up a new entry. But sadly this is the last entry that I will write on and I'm here to tell you guys that I moved to wordpress. aha, bye bye blogger! I've been using Blogger since 2011 until now (well it's unproductive blog for these recent years) Good news is I didn't put my heart a stop sign to write hehe. I will attach my wordpress link down below so feel free to visit :) Don't worry, there's no new entry updated at there bcs I'm just finishing all the editing few seconds ago and I'm lazy enough to post anything yet. Well, if you're regular here, you already know that no one can beat my laziness. That's all for now bcs my fingers are shivering to death due to my AC. Got to go. Till we meet again at my new blog!

Feel free to bookmark my new link! come click at me ;)
  Skin Care Products
Assalamualaikum and hey guys.

So today i'm extremely in a good mood well i dunno why so i thought that i wanna share with u guys regarding my skin care products. I mean like i didn't have a flawless skin but it's get better than before and i'm thankful for that. Oh and i'm not a typical girl that have all types of products you know like toner,serum,moisturizer and bla bla since it costs too much and i'm such a lazy princess to follow all the steps. So let's get start with the first one :)

1. Cleanser - Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 500ml

Okay for the first one,obviously a cleanser. I mean it's the important thing after all and the basic one. Actually i've been searching for suitable cleanser for my skin but couldn't get a good one until i met Cetaphil. I tried many type of products such as Garnier, Safi, Hada Labo, rice soap and local products too but it's really bad and not suitable with my skin. I've tried local products once and it turn out to be good. My skin was so moist and flawless but it only last abt three months and then i've got breakouts and my skin became so so bad. It turn out to be more darker and dull. So my advice is to avoid any local products bcs there are so much reviews on em that saying it's not good. Btw i'm not saying that Cetaphil is good for any types of skin bcs we have different types of skin and it's like experimenting urself whether it is suitable for you or not. For example,there's my friend that tried Cetaphil but she said that she got acne and such. Got it? I've been using Cetaphil i think abt a year (?) i guess and it takes time to get a good result okay. Oh and the benefit is, eventho it's more pricey but it's very very last long trust me. I mean like i bought my latest Cetaphil in June when i got into UiTM and i've been using it till now! 500ml for around 4 months and more! Yeah,i told ya *smirk. and when you wash ur face it didn't have many bubbles like common cleanser. So don't get shock okay hehe. Oh, and it have two types of cleanser which Gentle Skin and Oily. For Oily, it's more more pricey than Gentle Skin and i wanna try that but my money won't.In case you fucking tired to read what i type so here's a quick info regarding Cetaphil!

10 Quick Info About Cetaphil
  • Recommended by dermatologists and paediatricians.
  • Fragrance, soap & lanolin free.
  • Gentle on baby's skin.
  • Removes light make up.
  • Non-comedogenic (won't block pores)
  • Helps skin retain moisture.
  • pH balanced.
  • Won't sting eyes.
  • For face & body.
  • Can use with and without water.
Price range :
RM50 +-
Usually i bought two bottles at once since it's more a reasonable. It always have kinda promotion 2 Cetaphil Gentle Skin Clenaser at RM70-80 +-

Available at :
Any kind of beauty stores such as Watsons, Guardian and etc.

For next entry, i'll share with you guys abt how i fight with my tons of acne using this kind of i'm-bless-to-have product. Stay tune!

  Road to final.

Assalamualaikum and waddup.

As u guys know from the title,my final will be in next month. I've already done with all lab sessions. I mean ALL. But still didn't finish up my bio's lab report. The last one. For next week or is it already this week? Em dunno. I have 3 tests and roleplay for my elc but my head full with cuti,cuti and cuti. Wanna go home already la. Wanna catch some movies and get a really good food besides what they sell at cafeteria yeah.Wanna meet my mommmmmm and dad and sis and brotha and friends.

Btw, today i joined this one program that organized by em Pusat Kesihatan Tapah Road. We walked for around 8km along villages and forest (?) lmao. It was good tho. It was soooooo peaceful and released my stress a lil bit. Hope that I could joined more activities after this. Such as,feed homeless ppl and so on. I think that's all for now. It's already 2am and i still have tons of tutorials which i need to get done by Monday but i know i wont hahahahahaha okay gdnight fellas!

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