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Random stories regarding my life is written here. Didn't give any benefit if you read it but in case you already did,thank you. Oh,just call me Iman. Hi.

15/11 Result Semester
19/11 My Birthday
04/12 Register for 2nd Semester


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Assalamualaikum and hai. Omg im missin this blog damn much after more than a year I didn't post up anything. Well no one gonna read tho. I'm 18 this year and studying at UiTM Tapah in Diploma in Science for two and a half years. Well that's an update okay haha. As you can see, I already delete all the post since 2011 bcs i want to get a fresh start. So here the first post. I know I'm not gonna be active to post any stories after this but still I'll when I have a time. Bye!

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