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Random stories regarding my life is written here. Didn't give any benefit if you read it but in case you already did,thank you. Oh,just call me Iman. Hi.

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  student life
Assalamualaikum and hai !

I've been thinkin to update my blog but then too many works to do and i'm so lazy act haha.  I'm not gonna make an essay abt my life in tertiary education such as abt the orentation bla bla and so on. For this course it's such a burden and so hard and yknow when u said taking diploma seems to be easier and you're not gonna be so busy like matrics or foundation student but then im totally wrong. In my case,this course really will make ur life disaster eventho it is diploma. Basically total up we have 6 subjects exclude the cocurricular activity. Biology,Chemistry,Physics,Pre Calculus,English and CTU. At the end of the week usually we need to do the lab report and then jotter and then tutorials. Blergh. Jotter is a new thing for me tho bcs in school we're not learn to do the jotter bfore do the exp. Okay skip abt the subjects. Regarding this place where im learning em.. bo-ring. It's all that i can say haha. It just have a small town which is there's no cinema or bowling or even a shopping complex. Sad isn't. I rarely go to the town bcs i need to think abt ride a cab or need to rent a car. Then the cost and urgh just complicated. So on weekend sometimes we've got college activities to attend to or just die in the room lol. I think that's all for now. Oh btw i've got a new phone case which is im soooooo in love with it!!! Okay see ya in next-post-which-is-i-dunno-when. Xoxo.

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