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Random stories regarding my life is written here. Didn't give any benefit if you read it but in case you already did,thank you. Oh,just call me Iman. Hi.

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  Road to final.

Assalamualaikum and waddup.

As u guys know from the title,my final will be in next month. I've already done with all lab sessions. I mean ALL. But still didn't finish up my bio's lab report. The last one. For next week or is it already this week? Em dunno. I have 3 tests and roleplay for my elc but my head full with cuti,cuti and cuti. Wanna go home already la. Wanna catch some movies and get a really good food besides what they sell at cafeteria yeah.Wanna meet my mommmmmm and dad and sis and brotha and friends.

Btw, today i joined this one program that organized by em Pusat Kesihatan Tapah Road. We walked for around 8km along villages and forest (?) lmao. It was good tho. It was soooooo peaceful and released my stress a lil bit. Hope that I could joined more activities after this. Such as,feed homeless ppl and so on. I think that's all for now. It's already 2am and i still have tons of tutorials which i need to get done by Monday but i know i wont hahahahahaha okay gdnight fellas!

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