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Random stories regarding my life is written here. Didn't give any benefit if you read it but in case you already did,thank you. Oh,just call me Iman. Hi.

15/11 Result Semester
19/11 My Birthday
04/12 Register for 2nd Semester


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Hello. It's been a long time since the last time I post up a new entry. But sadly this is the last entry that I will write on and I'm here to tell you guys that I moved to wordpress. aha, bye bye blogger! I've been using Blogger since 2011 until now (well it's unproductive blog for these recent years) Good news is I didn't put my heart a stop sign to write hehe. I will attach my wordpress link down below so feel free to visit :) Don't worry, there's no new entry updated at there bcs I'm just finishing all the editing few seconds ago and I'm lazy enough to post anything yet. Well, if you're regular here, you already know that no one can beat my laziness. That's all for now bcs my fingers are shivering to death due to my AC. Got to go. Till we meet again at my new blog!

Feel free to bookmark my new link! come click at me ;)

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